There is no denying that man has made amazing and ground breaking discoveries in all areas of knowledge but is still crawling, if not gliding, away in pursuit of discovering the Creator God.

However, mankind has a great hunger and quest to know the Creator. The Creator God Himself helped man in man’s quest or search to find Him. Therefore “God spoke at sundry times by diverse manners.” (Hebrews 1:1, Sura 42:12).

He chose Noah, Moses, Abraham and many others to reveal His will and person to the man who had lost sight of Him because of the entry of sin in the heart and the mind of whole mankind.

God gave Moses Law to bring mankind back on the right track.

But through Law God showed man how great sinner man is when looked through GOD’S HOLY EYES

In other words, the Law given by God is Holy and condemns the wrong doings of all of us which all who are born of man commit.

It (LAW) helps us to identify black spots of sins in our human lives but it can not cleanse us from these spots and marks. It cannot remove the veil of sin from our eyes so that we could recognize our Holy Creator.

More over the Law, the moral, the ritual, and statutes which were given through Moses, by other prophets were given by fragments; piecemeal. It was not perfect. It could show God’s just claims and could produce a sense of guilt, condemnation and could fill with fearful alarm as to His Divine penalty. It was a school master as Apostle Paul puts it. To teach men their need of a Savior and induce them to exercise faith in the Promised Messiah, who is Jesus.

Let us rejoice that we have the latest and the brightest and the clearest revelation of the utterance of God (called Allah in the Arabic Quran) in Jesus. He is extremely glorious in all respects:

a) in His miraculous birth (Matthew 1:23, Sura 19:20-21)

b) in His immaculate life (Luke 1:35, Sura Al-Imran verse 35)

c) in His matchless miracles (Matthew 8:26, Sura 5:109-110)

d) in His unrivalled teachings of forgiveness and love – even for one’s enemies (Mathew 5 21-22, Sura Hadeed 28)

e) in His redemptive sacrifice for mankind (Heb 9:11-12, Sura 19:34)

f) in His Ascension to heaven and being Alive for ever (Mark 16:9-20, Sura 19:4)

g) in His Coming Back to Judge all of us – the living and those who have died before us (Acts1:11, Sura 4:157, Bukhari)

If you are a Jew or a Muslim by your faith and practice, you are encouraged to consider Jesus to be your only Hope and Savior. Because the Law which was given by Moses and other prophets worketh only wrath, judgment and condemnation (Rom 2:19-20), but Grace and Truth which came by Jesus (John 1:17, Rom 3:24) saves.

Author and Journalist